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Hockey Sticks

Legend Per-Åge Skrøder has created a new hockey stick that carries his name; “BulldoZer by Skroder”. Nordic Hockey is proud retailers of his hockey sticks.

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Showing all 4 results

Nordic Hockey AS

Nordic Hockey
Grenseveien 56
0579 OSLO

e: post@nordichockey.com
p: +47 928 62 597

About Nordic Hockey

We are three Norwegian Para Ice Hockey players, with decades of experience within the sport. We have been participating in several Paralympics together.

We have found over the years what kind of hockey equipment and products we like. That being hockey blades, sticks, visirs and so on. And many of these products are not easily found or accessible on the European market.

With our webshop, we want to bring those products to you. Both products for Ice Hockey and Para Ice Hockey.


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